26 October 2010

3D Chinese Bun Cake For A Grandma In Penang

I was commissioned by a young lady studying in Australia to make this 3D Chinese bun cake to her grandma in Penang on her birthday.

She is one of her 10 grandchildren and the grandma has another 2 great grand children. I tried to incorporate all the figurines into my first ever big Chinese bun cake within her budget. It was so fun sculpting the figurines till I nearly forgot it was part of my work but not play-dough session when I was still a kindy's kid.

I started at 9pm and ended at 5am. A night owl indeed as a cake decorator like me. When my task was accomplished, I started to feel sleepy! Luckily the delivery was arranged at noon.

The next day after the cake was sent, I got this email from the grand daughter:

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your delivery yesterday and my whole family, especially my grandma is so happy with the cake. Thank you again for your great work. They are impressed.

Keep up the good work.


So nice of her, the compliment and encouragement really mean a lot to me. Yeah! Keep it up! Keep it up! :)

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