05 September 2010

Shih-Tzu Dog Cupcake Topper

I adopted Shih-Tzu dog not long ago. I treated her with love and care. She was so tiny that I could hold her in my palm......

Hehehe......I'm joking. I made a Shih-Tzu (Lion Dog) topper actually for a lovely lady. She had a Shih-Tzu at home and wanted me to make a set of cupcakes representing her happy family.

"I want to have a Shih-Tzu, 2 rabbits......" Her mobile messages appeared to be so cute and joyful always.

I got to see her personally when I delivered the cupcakes. She was lovelier than how I had imagined and I saw her Shih-Tzu when I popped in. Oooh......she was super cute!

So, do you like to adopt a Shih-Tzu too? Perhaps I can help, :)


  1. thats a yorkie not a shih tzu. I would know. trust me. Its still really cute.

  2. Oh really? Hahah..I'm really not good at recognizing dogs. THanks for the correction.

  3. Certainly resembles my shih tzu. Great job!

  4. Resembles my shih-tzu, too, if the coloring was different. Very cute.

  5. Thats fantastic! What did you use for the body of the shih tzu?? x

  6. The shih tzu body is made of fondant or sugarpaste, :)

  7. hey there, can i get 5 shih tzu cupcakes around 13 July 2012? Thanks! p.s. i dari kl

  8. I love then though my shihh tzu foot a puppy cute and a face trim but when his hair is long it looks like that in black and white


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