03 September 2010

Puzzle Cupcakes?

Yes! It looks like a puzzle of a man's face. I guess it would be fun if I arrange the cupcakes randomly and let the recipient or his guests to rearrange them in the right position.

If I could make more cupcakes, let's say 1000 pieces, the picture would be more precise! But, who would order such a huge set of puzzle cupcakes from me? :)

Look at the whole picture......

Hahah! It's for a dad's birthday. There were only 25 pieces of cupcakes to play with though it was a fun time to try something special. Thank to the daughter for giving me the idea and hope the dad had a wonderful birthday to be remembered lifelong. 

Yeah, not all cupcakes are the same, you can make your loved one's birthday a memorable one too with a set of unique cupcakes.

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