09 September 2010

Mickey & Minnie Mouses Cupcakes

This set of cupcakes was made for Amelia. When I heard it was Mickey & Minnie topper, I got a bit nervous as my experience told me sculpting of this forever green Disney icons was never easy.

I decided to sculpt baby Mickey & Minnie as I found they were really adorable. I got a picture from the internet and tried to turn them into 3D sugar craft version. To my surprise, it was not as tedious as I thought, perhaps my sugar sculpting skill had improved one step further, hurray!

The colour scheme and overall design were given by the client, it saved my brain juice and they look great indeed. :) Take a closer look at my Mickey & Minnie......

They are super cute, right? I'm really amazed with my skill this time, hahahah!

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