15 September 2010

It's A Helicopter!

Made this quite a while ago and I thought I had blogged about it. Ooh...how could I miss this?

It's something special as it's a helicopter, a cupcake topper I've never thought I would be asked to make one. :) The lady who ordered it worked in Singapore and she wanted to present it to her boy friend when she returned to Penang.

From the design you see, obviously her bf loves helicopter, remote control helicopter that he plays often. Besides helicopter, the lady left the rest of the design to me without even specifying any theme colour. Oh, I like the freedom of design and the challenge of sculpting something new and odd with sugar paste, hahah!

This is the helicopter that I came up with. Do you see the recipient's name and age?

The main rotor of the helicopter is movable.

A pair of love birds to symbolize the couple. I think the birds look like pigeons, quite true as we need peace in a relationship too, ;)

Thanks for reading.

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