22 September 2010

From Computer Graphic To Edible Arts

To present his girl friend with a unique birthday cake, the guy has actually designed a cake with  Paint. He asked if I could turn his computer art piece into edible art piece such as a fondant cake?

"Oh, it should be no problem." When I answered him, I didn't really think much as I thought I could replicate it with my own 'edible paint' --- edible food paste. But then, after pondering about it, I thought it would look better with patched pattern. I simply gotta colour, cut and paste!

I was only given a 48 hours notice to do this. I was supposed to cancel it as my schedule was quite packed on the week but I couldn't resist to convert the art piece into a reality. It's a labour of love from a man with subtle heart.

"Just do it." I told myself.

And......here's the result.

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