23 September 2010

1st Birthday Cupcakes: Cow And Baby

Baby and cow. Ya, babies celebrating first birthday this year are mostly cows, haha..their Chinese horoscope I mean. Most parents love to include the animals in the cupcakes or cakes for their babies, but usually for their 1st or 2nd birthday only. Why? The reason is as the baby grows up, he/she  tends to request for his/her favourite cartoon as the topper!

 Happy 1st. birthday to moo moo...:) Isn't it cute? It's muching grasses.

I love the green and cow spots cupcakes, though simple, they match well with the cow.
More important, the baby loves them. I hope he did. :)

22 September 2010

From Computer Graphic To Edible Arts

To present his girl friend with a unique birthday cake, the guy has actually designed a cake with  Paint. He asked if I could turn his computer art piece into edible art piece such as a fondant cake?

"Oh, it should be no problem." When I answered him, I didn't really think much as I thought I could replicate it with my own 'edible paint' --- edible food paste. But then, after pondering about it, I thought it would look better with patched pattern. I simply gotta colour, cut and paste!

I was only given a 48 hours notice to do this. I was supposed to cancel it as my schedule was quite packed on the week but I couldn't resist to convert the art piece into a reality. It's a labour of love from a man with subtle heart.

"Just do it." I told myself.

And......here's the result.

17 September 2010

Poker Cake

Like to join us for a poker session? Haha...just kidding, it's a cake actually. A brownie cake coated with chocolate buttercream and covered with fondant. The cake was cut and carved into the shape of a poker table and the croupier stood on top of a chocolate cupcake actually.

I had no idea about the chip colours, just simply used colours which matched with the poker table, :) I hope the recipient didn't mind. He's a guy and this cake was commissioned by his lovely girl friend, one of our earliest batch of clients.

Last year she ordered a set of Shin Chan with basketball cupcakes and now the poker cake. Really appreciate her support. Shann, thank you so much!

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15 September 2010

It's A Helicopter!

Made this quite a while ago and I thought I had blogged about it. Ooh...how could I miss this?

It's something special as it's a helicopter, a cupcake topper I've never thought I would be asked to make one. :) The lady who ordered it worked in Singapore and she wanted to present it to her boy friend when she returned to Penang.

From the design you see, obviously her bf loves helicopter, remote control helicopter that he plays often. Besides helicopter, the lady left the rest of the design to me without even specifying any theme colour. Oh, I like the freedom of design and the challenge of sculpting something new and odd with sugar paste, hahah!

This is the helicopter that I came up with. Do you see the recipient's name and age?

The main rotor of the helicopter is movable.

A pair of love birds to symbolize the couple. I think the birds look like pigeons, quite true as we need peace in a relationship too, ;)

Thanks for reading.

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09 September 2010

Mickey & Minnie Mouses Cupcakes

This set of cupcakes was made for Amelia. When I heard it was Mickey & Minnie topper, I got a bit nervous as my experience told me sculpting of this forever green Disney icons was never easy.

I decided to sculpt baby Mickey & Minnie as I found they were really adorable. I got a picture from the internet and tried to turn them into 3D sugar craft version. To my surprise, it was not as tedious as I thought, perhaps my sugar sculpting skill had improved one step further, hurray!

The colour scheme and overall design were given by the client, it saved my brain juice and they look great indeed. :) Take a closer look at my Mickey & Minnie......

They are super cute, right? I'm really amazed with my skill this time, hahahah!

05 September 2010

Shih-Tzu Dog Cupcake Topper

I adopted Shih-Tzu dog not long ago. I treated her with love and care. She was so tiny that I could hold her in my palm......

Hehehe......I'm joking. I made a Shih-Tzu (Lion Dog) topper actually for a lovely lady. She had a Shih-Tzu at home and wanted me to make a set of cupcakes representing her happy family.

"I want to have a Shih-Tzu, 2 rabbits......" Her mobile messages appeared to be so cute and joyful always.

I got to see her personally when I delivered the cupcakes. She was lovelier than how I had imagined and I saw her Shih-Tzu when I popped in. Oooh......she was super cute!

So, do you like to adopt a Shih-Tzu too? Perhaps I can help, :)

03 September 2010

Puzzle Cupcakes?

Yes! It looks like a puzzle of a man's face. I guess it would be fun if I arrange the cupcakes randomly and let the recipient or his guests to rearrange them in the right position.

If I could make more cupcakes, let's say 1000 pieces, the picture would be more precise! But, who would order such a huge set of puzzle cupcakes from me? :)

Look at the whole picture......

Hahah! It's for a dad's birthday. There were only 25 pieces of cupcakes to play with though it was a fun time to try something special. Thank to the daughter for giving me the idea and hope the dad had a wonderful birthday to be remembered lifelong. 

Yeah, not all cupcakes are the same, you can make your loved one's birthday a memorable one too with a set of unique cupcakes.


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