11 August 2010

MND Full Moon Gift Packs - Cupcakes And Nyonya Series

After much planning and preparation, we are happy to introduce to you our sweet, lovely and delectable MND Full Moon Gift Packs! They are available in two series:

Full Moon Gift Packs - Baby Cupcakes

The cupcakes are covered with fondant and topped with very cute baby themed designs and they are available in 2,4,6 and 8 pieces packs.

The flavour options are vanilla, chocolate and marble. The red quail eggs are optional, if you don't need any egg, just opt for all cupcakes packs.

MND Full Moon Gift Packs - Nyonya Special

For those who prefer to keep the tradition yet craving for a touch of difference, we are pleased to introduce to you our very own Nyonya Special Full Moon Gift Packs. 

Look at the kunyit cups. They are made of steamed glutinous rice flavoured with turmeric powder (kunyit).

They are put in aluminium cups and decorated with sugar flowers. This is the touch of uniqueness I mean *grin*.

Also, the chicken curry is cooked by mom's home recipe which is abosolutely yummy, I'm yet to try any chicken curry tasted better than mom's, seriously, hahah!

Okok, I've better leave it to your own judgement. Let me continue......if you prefer cupcakes to kunyit cups, you may select the package below. 

More options are available. If you're serious to announce the birth of your baby with something special, just email us for the price list and check out all options and designs available......Thanks and have a nice day!

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