27 August 2010

Fashionista In Black & White

"Neash is fashionable and he loves black and white...... " his girl friend Preeti described. I immediately responded by saying that the theme colours of the cupcakes would have to be black and white! -:)

She called him Luver Boy and the message she liked to put on the cupcakes was......

My Flickr pal saw the cupcakes and she told me that Neash would surely flip when he saw it, haha......dare he say no?

Neash's favourites, black and white fashion assesories.

He certainly looked cool in the photo Preeti showed me and on the cupcake too, hahaha....

Preeti emailed me about how Neash liked the special gift from her,

"it couldn't has been better, seriously :) thank you so much, the cupcakes are simply perfect. he and his whole family loved the design and the taste too..plus he told me he was very impressed about how you do each detail with so much precision and love...thanks amy for the wonderful job :)"

Oh...what a lovely comment...mom and I were so touched reading it.

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