26 August 2010

Fairy Themed 2-Tiered Cake For A Little Girl

What does a fairy do? When I tried to make this cake, I asked myself questions that I'd never thought of. Playing in the garden, plucking flowers, catching butterlies or they might be too free till they actually day dream most of the time? But, what do they dream for then? Silly me, hehe......

Well, this is a 2 tiered fairy themed cake requested by a mom to her 4 years olddaughter. The cakes are coffee and chocolate flavoured for bottom and top tiers respectively, covered with buttercream and decorated with fairies, snails, mushrooms, ladybugs, flowers, ya, lots of flowers and flying butterflies.

Mom helped me to cut the flowers besides baking the cakes. Good job, mom!

We delivered the cake to Island Park, Penang on a beautiful Sunday then. Not only mom followed me but my nephews too. They sang all the way inside the car, haha, if cake delivery to Penang could be that fun, I don't mind to deliver more cakes to the island, hehe!

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