31 August 2010

PSP And Computer Games Addict Cupcakes

My nephews are PSP and Facebook games manias. Whenever they visit us on the weekends, the first things they do would be switching on the laptops and searching for PSP and dive into their gaming worlds.

When I was commissioned a PSP and computer games themed cupcakes, I immediately thought of using my nephews' PSP as sampling model. Not forgetting a birthday cake besides the gaming devices for the birthday boy. The design was entirely given by the mother, though simple but full of love!

27 August 2010

Fashionista In Black & White

"Neash is fashionable and he loves black and white...... " his girl friend Preeti described. I immediately responded by saying that the theme colours of the cupcakes would have to be black and white! -:)

She called him Luver Boy and the message she liked to put on the cupcakes was......

My Flickr pal saw the cupcakes and she told me that Neash would surely flip when he saw it, haha......dare he say no?

Neash's favourites, black and white fashion assesories.

He certainly looked cool in the photo Preeti showed me and on the cupcake too, hahaha....

Preeti emailed me about how Neash liked the special gift from her,

"it couldn't has been better, seriously :) thank you so much, the cupcakes are simply perfect. he and his whole family loved the design and the taste too..plus he told me he was very impressed about how you do each detail with so much precision and love...thanks amy for the wonderful job :)"

Oh...what a lovely comment...mom and I were so touched reading it.

26 August 2010

Fairy Themed 2-Tiered Cake For A Little Girl

What does a fairy do? When I tried to make this cake, I asked myself questions that I'd never thought of. Playing in the garden, plucking flowers, catching butterlies or they might be too free till they actually day dream most of the time? But, what do they dream for then? Silly me, hehe......

Well, this is a 2 tiered fairy themed cake requested by a mom to her 4 years olddaughter. The cakes are coffee and chocolate flavoured for bottom and top tiers respectively, covered with buttercream and decorated with fairies, snails, mushrooms, ladybugs, flowers, ya, lots of flowers and flying butterflies.

Mom helped me to cut the flowers besides baking the cakes. Good job, mom!

We delivered the cake to Island Park, Penang on a beautiful Sunday then. Not only mom followed me but my nephews too. They sang all the way inside the car, haha, if cake delivery to Penang could be that fun, I don't mind to deliver more cakes to the island, hehe!

25 August 2010

Aunty & Sister's Birthdays

To cherish the birthday of her aunt and sister, she gave me the design and asked if I could make it?

Yes, I love the idea. These are what I have come out with, take a look.

This is the sister in yellow gown with big eyes.

And, this is the aunt in red cheong sam with smiling face. :)

20 August 2010

White Car With Love

A set of blue themed car cupcakes for Damian Lim. Simple yet lovely.

It's a mini car, white and written with 19 on the car front. The cupcakes are chocolate flavoured, topped with chocolate butter icing, covered with fondant and decorated with fondant made car, hearts, wordings etc.  All parts are edible except the plastic wires which hold the little hearts.


Yeah, he is 19 only, how sweet it is to be presented with a set of specially handcrafted cupcakes from your loved one.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasant weekend!

16 August 2010

My Cutest Pets - Doggies Cake Topper

I have made quite a number of doggies and I remeber once I was even asked to make a doggy topper for a dog's birthday, hehe!

Cute animal figurines have been my all time favourite creation. I love piggies and bunnies too, not to mention my Lovey bears. I would like to try out froggy as well.

Look at the pic, it's my cutest doggies so far, I'd like to dedicate them to my late father whose Chinse horoscope a dog, miss you dad......

11 August 2010

MND Full Moon Gift Packs - Cupcakes And Nyonya Series

After much planning and preparation, we are happy to introduce to you our sweet, lovely and delectable MND Full Moon Gift Packs! They are available in two series:

Full Moon Gift Packs - Baby Cupcakes

The cupcakes are covered with fondant and topped with very cute baby themed designs and they are available in 2,4,6 and 8 pieces packs.

The flavour options are vanilla, chocolate and marble. The red quail eggs are optional, if you don't need any egg, just opt for all cupcakes packs.

MND Full Moon Gift Packs - Nyonya Special

For those who prefer to keep the tradition yet craving for a touch of difference, we are pleased to introduce to you our very own Nyonya Special Full Moon Gift Packs. 

Look at the kunyit cups. They are made of steamed glutinous rice flavoured with turmeric powder (kunyit).

They are put in aluminium cups and decorated with sugar flowers. This is the touch of uniqueness I mean *grin*.

Also, the chicken curry is cooked by mom's home recipe which is abosolutely yummy, I'm yet to try any chicken curry tasted better than mom's, seriously, hahah!

Okok, I've better leave it to your own judgement. Let me continue......if you prefer cupcakes to kunyit cups, you may select the package below. 

More options are available. If you're serious to announce the birth of your baby with something special, just email us for the price list and check out all options and designs available......Thanks and have a nice day!

09 August 2010

Purple Roses Wedding Cake

Attended a workshop the other day to learn making a wedding cake with roses and laces. We were given purple fondant to make the roses. I love purple but somehow the camera doesn't loves the colour. It changes on the camera's LCD and downloaded images.  

Close up of the roses. They are my first batch of 'bigger' fondant roses. I used to make little roses, hehe!

Also, we learned to make frills. I can apply it onto a doll cake and make more layers of frills next time.
Generally, the workshop was quite interesting and I wish to attend more workshops and learn from international cake decorating experts in future.

01 August 2010

See Who Is Pregnant?

Oh! It's a set of pregnant mama and baby cupcake toppers.

She is conceiving a baby and likes to wear red. She have another baby. Look!

The dad asked me to make these cupcakes to celebrate the birthday of her wife and also the 4th anniversary of their marriage. What a lovely hubby! 

It's my first time to sculpt a pregnant lady and a baby figurine in fact, well, I'm quite happy with the result. Hope to make them in larger scale one day.

Thanks for reading -:)


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