29 July 2010

Tigger And Cow For One Year Old

For a 1 year old girl's birthday. As for Chinese, this year is the year of tiger and the baby was born in the year of cow, the mom wanted both animals to appear on her baby's cupcakes, -:)

She was quite excited when she found our blog as she had seen her sister celebrating her kid's birthday in Australia with handcrafted fondant cakes. "I wished my girl would have a special cake or cupcakes like her kid's too." 

Mom and I were so delighted to see her wish came true and I was so touched to see how she took care of the cupcakes. They looked so precious to her.

She didn't forget to ask for 3 facial cupcakes of herself, the dad and the baby. But, she asked, "which one is dad and which one is mom?" Hahah......I should have made the dad looked more masculine, *grin*

Cupcakes Details:

12 pcs M size souffle cups
Vanilla cupcakes, covered with fondant with vanilla buttercream underneath
Gumpaste toppers, a mixture of gumpaste and fondant decor
Edible ink for tigger stripes, cow's spots and faces features

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