18 July 2010

Selamat Bertunang

Tried to sort out all my cake pictures saved in my laptop and found this set of engagement cupcakes. I used to upload my pictures onto Facebook and Flickr before blogging about them. It's easy to just upload the pictures but to write out the story......it might dry up my brain juice, hehe...... so I tend to miss out the blogging part of some orders (though I don't blog for all orders).

Alright, I have better take it seriously. Back to these engagement cupcakes for Wali and Zahida, the giver asked for something sweet and pinkish. The kisssing bears were done a few times before and they remain popular.

Cherry blossoms design is quite common on big cakes but not on cupcakes. I gave it a try and I was quite happy with the result.

Selamat bertunang or happy engagement to Zali and Wahida. May you depart on your new life journey smoothly and happily.

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