27 July 2010

Kuma Kuma - The Little Green Turtle

Have you heard of Kuma Kuma? Probably not but might have seen it, just like me, ya? I first saw it in my friend's car as a pillow, so adorable that you could easily fall for it but I didn't know its name till I was requested to make a set of Kuma Kuma cupcakes -:)

This set of cupcakes was made for a guy's birthday. It's quite common nowadays for a girl to order cakes for her boy friend. According to my friend who is doing floral arrangement, it's common too for a girl to send guy flowers, well......it's a good sign.

Hope Bill and Ice love them and so do you. Thanks for reading.

Cupcakes Details:

12 pcs M size cupcakes, chocolate flavour, chocolate buttercream frosting, covered with fondant. Gumpaste figurines, fondant decor.

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