05 July 2010

Beanie Balls

I adore the friendship among them, three young and pretty girls who are so closed to each other.

One of the girls was celebrating her 22nd birthday. The other two planned to surprise her with a set of specially designed 2D fondant cupcakes.

They told me she liked to eat salted fish, she was a great piano player, she loved to play ping pong and having French Fries.

They're like the Beanie balls!

It was a budgeted order, the girl didn't expect me to include everything but the salted fish particularly, hahah!

To make them all happy, I decided to put up everything she mentioned.

I thought at times a little bit more what a cake designer could give might enforce a sweet memory among a group of friends, why not?

So, do not mind to let Amy knows what's more on your mind, no budget could restrict a true relationship.

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