16 July 2010

Be Happy

"Love is a pleasant surprise, under the rainbow. " I quoted this when I made my very first bunny couple back in June, 2009, almost a year ago.

By the time, we were just started and my cake decorating tools were quite limited. I managed to use various alternative assessories to complement my design though.

Since then, my sample designs had become popular in the shop and they were repetitively requested. I tried to upgrade my tools and of course skills to execute my design in a neater and smarter way.

I like my animal figurines to appear simple yet adorable. One of the examples is definately my bunnies.

" Be Happy", I used to stitch the alphabets one by one but now I have got the digit word press tool to press them out, yippie!

The rainbow colours are brightened up alongside with the message to convey.

Yeah! Be happy!

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