29 July 2010

Tigger And Cow For One Year Old

For a 1 year old girl's birthday. As for Chinese, this year is the year of tiger and the baby was born in the year of cow, the mom wanted both animals to appear on her baby's cupcakes, -:)

She was quite excited when she found our blog as she had seen her sister celebrating her kid's birthday in Australia with handcrafted fondant cakes. "I wished my girl would have a special cake or cupcakes like her kid's too." 

Mom and I were so delighted to see her wish came true and I was so touched to see how she took care of the cupcakes. They looked so precious to her.

She didn't forget to ask for 3 facial cupcakes of herself, the dad and the baby. But, she asked, "which one is dad and which one is mom?" Hahah......I should have made the dad looked more masculine, *grin*

Cupcakes Details:

12 pcs M size souffle cups
Vanilla cupcakes, covered with fondant with vanilla buttercream underneath
Gumpaste toppers, a mixture of gumpaste and fondant decor
Edible ink for tigger stripes, cow's spots and faces features

27 July 2010

Kuma Kuma - The Little Green Turtle

Have you heard of Kuma Kuma? Probably not but might have seen it, just like me, ya? I first saw it in my friend's car as a pillow, so adorable that you could easily fall for it but I didn't know its name till I was requested to make a set of Kuma Kuma cupcakes -:)

This set of cupcakes was made for a guy's birthday. It's quite common nowadays for a girl to order cakes for her boy friend. According to my friend who is doing floral arrangement, it's common too for a girl to send guy flowers, well......it's a good sign.

Hope Bill and Ice love them and so do you. Thanks for reading.

Cupcakes Details:

12 pcs M size cupcakes, chocolate flavour, chocolate buttercream frosting, covered with fondant. Gumpaste figurines, fondant decor.

22 July 2010

My Melody And Daisies Cupcakes

There's nothing happier than sculpting your own most favourite cartoon figurine in cake decorating. This is my third sugar My Melody.

Cake decorating is a profession to paste smiles on people, to bridge the love between two souls, to leave fond memories and even to make strong impact in one's  mind.

Apart from these reasons, I love cake decorating simply because I love practical arts. All sculpted figurines and fondant toppers on the cupcakes are not only cute, funny or even crazy but they are edible and the cakes below are simply  yummy!

Cupcakes Details:
3 M size and 6 S size souffle cup cupcakes. Marble flavour. Vanilla buttercream frosting. Fondant cover and vanilla buttercream swirl. Gumpaste figurine and daisies. Decorated with non pareil and pink chocolate rice balls.

21 July 2010

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

When I was commissioned to make a Hello Kitty couple, I wondered whether it was alright to make a male Hello Kitty as I used to presume that Hello Kitty was a female and a 'kid', hehehe......However, no harm to make them growing up and loving, right? Moreover, it was a couple's dream to be fulfilled.

Cupcakes Details:
3 M size and 6 S size (souffle cup) cupcakes. Chocolate flavoured. Frosted with chocolate buttercream and covered with fondant. Fondant and gumpaste decorations. Chinese characters written with edible ink. Non pareil as additional floral decor.

20 July 2010

Tyre Man And His Tools

It's really interesting to present someone with a special skill or profession a birthday cake with all the relevent tools or assessories on his birthday. These items would have a higher chance of leaving a pleasant impact on him. For example, a tyre man and his  screw driver, plyer etc.

All the designs were requested by the client. Nowadays, our clients are more creative than we have ever expected. It's a good thing actually.

Peter with his tools. He is celebrating his 24th birthday.

Cupcakes Details:
12 pieces M size souffle cup cupcakes, chocolate flavoured, buttercream topping, covered with fondant, decorated with gumpaste toppers, edible ink inscription, hand stitches and alphabets embossed with Brigitte Letter Press.

18 July 2010

Selamat Bertunang

Tried to sort out all my cake pictures saved in my laptop and found this set of engagement cupcakes. I used to upload my pictures onto Facebook and Flickr before blogging about them. It's easy to just upload the pictures but to write out the story......it might dry up my brain juice, hehe...... so I tend to miss out the blogging part of some orders (though I don't blog for all orders).

Alright, I have better take it seriously. Back to these engagement cupcakes for Wali and Zahida, the giver asked for something sweet and pinkish. The kisssing bears were done a few times before and they remain popular.

Cherry blossoms design is quite common on big cakes but not on cupcakes. I gave it a try and I was quite happy with the result.

Selamat bertunang or happy engagement to Zali and Wahida. May you depart on your new life journey smoothly and happily.

16 July 2010

Be Happy

"Love is a pleasant surprise, under the rainbow. " I quoted this when I made my very first bunny couple back in June, 2009, almost a year ago.

By the time, we were just started and my cake decorating tools were quite limited. I managed to use various alternative assessories to complement my design though.

Since then, my sample designs had become popular in the shop and they were repetitively requested. I tried to upgrade my tools and of course skills to execute my design in a neater and smarter way.

I like my animal figurines to appear simple yet adorable. One of the examples is definately my bunnies.

" Be Happy", I used to stitch the alphabets one by one but now I have got the digit word press tool to press them out, yippie!

The rainbow colours are brightened up alongside with the message to convey.

Yeah! Be happy!

15 July 2010

Blissful Journey Cake

There's always lots of anticipation in love. We wish him to drive us all the way to a blissful destiny.

The girl has a boy friend who loves cars and his dream is to own a BMW. Both of them work at a car assessory shop.

After a short discussion via sms, the girl said, ya, a car, made him a car. Oh, I immediately thought of a car driving both of them along the journey of love and towards a blissful ending.

Tonnes of love......-:)

It's indeed wonderful when two hearts share the same dream in a relationship.

Happy birthday to Wei and hopefully the cake would leave him a fond memory.

12 July 2010

Let Loveys Brighten Up Your Day

Ya, my little Loveys are in action again! This time with green based souffle cups and red red mats. What a vibrant colour combination ya...

The cuppy and lollipop Loveys. They still look innocent as before.

Ballon Lovey, the ever favourite design requested by our clients. Birthday party is supposed to be fun, lively and colourful, guess balloon Lovey plays the role.

If you'd like to say 'hi' to them, you may drop by The Designer Store at Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya, Penang. They would be more than happy to see you, -:)

07 July 2010

Piggy's Garden Cupcakes

It's good to have a friend who remembers your birthday and keen to give you a present every year and no matter you are.

She not only remember her girl friend's birthday though she's away from her hometown but waited till she was back and presented her the birthday gift.

It was this 3 in 1 cupcakes.

Her birthday was on 14 April 2010.

Her birthday has never been forgotten, how precious the friendship is.

06 July 2010

World Cup Fever Contest

Hey, the World Cup matches have been so exciting and the results were simply hard to predict. That's where the fun comes in, hehe......

So over our Facebook, we have organized a 'guess & win' contest.

Just tell us which team will win and you would stand a chance to win our special gift which would be our new product to be launched soon.

Need the details? Please hop on to our Facebook, click the contest link and read through the rules, in fact, it's quite simple, just guess by dropping the name of the winner on our Facebook, if your answer is right, you would stand a chance to win that special gift!

The contest is opened to all readers residing in Malaysia and Singapore. As long as your answer is right, you might win our special gift via a lucky draw.

So, Germany, Spain, Holland or Uruguay? Guess it by leaving a comment on our Facebook now.

Happy guessing and world cupping! -:)

05 July 2010

Beanie Balls

I adore the friendship among them, three young and pretty girls who are so closed to each other.

One of the girls was celebrating her 22nd birthday. The other two planned to surprise her with a set of specially designed 2D fondant cupcakes.

They told me she liked to eat salted fish, she was a great piano player, she loved to play ping pong and having French Fries.

They're like the Beanie balls!

It was a budgeted order, the girl didn't expect me to include everything but the salted fish particularly, hahah!

To make them all happy, I decided to put up everything she mentioned.

I thought at times a little bit more what a cake designer could give might enforce a sweet memory among a group of friends, why not?

So, do not mind to let Amy knows what's more on your mind, no budget could restrict a true relationship.

02 July 2010

Happy Marriage Cupcakes

Four pieces of special themed cupcakes to be presented as a gift to a wedding couple.

Happy marriage = Love + House + Car + Garden

Do you agree? At least it sounds better than the realistic 5C, hehe......

All the items on the cupcakes are handcrafted with edible sugar paste or fondant, you may wallop them after the celebration or keep them as souvenir (just wallop the cakes below lah~).

If you'd like to order the cupcakes as above or DIY them, give Amy a call (016-40111319), she will make your little dream comes true. Cheers~


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