13 June 2010

Mr Bean, Teddy And Lamborghini

Mr. Bean and teddy in action without MINI Cooper but Lamborghini. Cool eh?

They're specially ordered for a dad living in Singapore. Christine, the daughter is my third time returned client. She ordered this and this before. Both with Eeyore toppers. I really appreciate her trust and love on our cupcakes.

Mr. Bean has a mole on his left cheek. I didn't realize about it til I found his picture and sculpted him out with gumpaste. I guess my Mr. Bean looks a bit fierce with his big eyes and thick eye brows. Anyway, I like his red tie.

Here's the Lamborghini, the third Lamborghini I've ever made. Funny, I thought Ferrari is more popular but so far I'm yet to be commissioned one. Any Ferrari order please, call me......*giggle*

Happy birthday to Vince, the dad!


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