10 June 2010

Jade For Mom

For a daughter staying far away from mom, mom is always her worries. She would never forget her birthday. She would miss mom on every special occasion, especially when herself becomes a mom.

I was given an opportunity to convey her love to her mom on her big day via a set of 9 pieces cupcakes. Danise thought of jade, that's her mom's Chinese name, it's interesting, I like her idea and more than happy to realize it via cupcakes decoration.

Mom's figurine, it's tiny and she's wearing sarong, hahah......

The jade pendant. My mom has one such pendant actually.

Danise preferred orchid instead of rose. So.......as she wished. It's my first orchid topper in fact, -:)

Danise stays in KL and her mom lives in Bagan Ajam, Penang. Distance is not a problem as love is just merely a phone call or an email away. If you'd like it, you may even say it with specially designed cake or cupcakes, -:)


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