29 June 2010

Kickass Ever Father's Day

On last Father's Day, I was given a task to bake and decorate 50 pieces of cupcakes for a dad working at BM Alma Tesco construction site.

When the daughter called me from KL, I was so excited as I believed it was gonna be fun and 'kickass' , as how the daughter put it.

I came out with some ideas of the cupcakes design while the daughter gave me the message she'd like to convey.

I made safety helmet, Tesco logo, 'Happy Father's Day' sugar press, safety sign and sunshine with 'smooth work' word press for the cupcakes topper.

Since the daughter asked for less sugar cake, I used fresh cream topping instead of buttercream and cut the sugar in the batter.

But the fondant decor tend to melt in contact with fresh cream which is water based. So, I have to put the decor on the last minute and send to the dad soonest.

Eat me, ya, cupcakes can talk.

But wait.......the daughter and son would like to ask for a favour.

Haha......Happy Father's Day!

Take a closer look at the baby cakes.

They look simple but with load of love from the children.

To complement the set of cupcakes, I thought the dad deserved a box of specially designed cupcakes. So, I suggested to the daughter and she was more than happy to accept it.

The special box of cupcakes includes a 3D workman figurine cupcakes and a pair of complementary cupcakes decorated with small flowers.

The cupcakes were delivered to BM Tesco site successfully. It was a big surprise to the dad in fact as the cupcakes were sent 3 days before Father's Day and the dad thought that Father's Day had actually passed, hahah!
Oh ya, BM Tesco is HUGE! It seems that BM folks are going to have the largest shopping mall in town, how lucky we are! A big thank to the dad and all other workers at the site.

Piggies And Computer Games

They knew each other from the net. They live in the North and the South MSN and online games have manage to tie them up.

The story sounds familiar? Yeah, we have moved into the cyber age and friendship is just a mouse click away. Cake orders as well, hehe......

The lady called me up from Singapore and commissioned me to make a set of funny cupcakes for her friend in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

These cupcakes were what I had created for Jeff, the birthday boy. He turned 21st and looking good!

Another successful cake delivery and presentation services specially arranged by Mom And Daughter Cakes in Penang. Hurray!

21 June 2010

Ah Pek & Ah Sam (Uncle & Aunty)

Another set of lovely cupcakes ordered by a teenage girl. She called herself 'ah sam' (aunty in Hokkien) and her boyfriend 'ah pek' (uncle in Hokkien).

'Ah pek' has a pair of thick eyebrows and 'ah sam' loves to wear hair band.

I'm 'ah pek'.

And I'm 'ah sam'.

Love is a bed of roses, blossoming forever as we all hope.


15 June 2010

Love Themed Cupcakes With Cupids

Do you notice the little cupids on the cupcakes? It's the products of my new cupid cutter.

Demand for love themed cupcakes has been all time high and I've always thought of variations in the design.

When I saw the cupid cutter at a gift shop in town, I bought it without much hesistation. I rolled out the fondant real thin to insert under the cutter and here's the result.

I'm so happy with it.

With the presence of cupids on cupcakes, the message of love surely gets clearer, right?

14 June 2010

Cupcakes Decorating Workshop

"Do you teach?" After a few requests from shoppers at our outlets, we decided to start basic cupcake decorating workshop. Here're some snippets of our very first cupcake decorating workshop.

Introducing to you our first two participants: Josephine and Bebe. They are cousins. They laughed a lot and they knew nothing about baking and cake decorating.

Whenever a new technique was shown, they simply couldn't wait to try it out. "Aren't we smart?" Bebe asked and I agreed with her 100%. Hahah......

Bebe is a big fan of Facebook. She kept taking pictures along the workshop to upload onto Facebook.

Oops, excuse me, the table was really messy with our "work-in-progress" stuff and this scene was just the beginning of the workshop.

Oh, Bebe was so sweet. From a total newbie, she could then sculpt a strawberry and a mushroom, cut out alphabets, flowers and red hearts, roll up ribbon roses and even make a 3D rabbit and a 3D teddy bear without any mould. So as Josephine. Kudos to them!

The finished work of Bebe (front) and Josephine (back). So beautiful! Thumbs up for them!

If you're interested to join our workshop as well, call Amy (016-4011319) or send us an email enquiry. We're more than happy to teach and share the fun of cake decorating with you!


13 June 2010

Mr Bean, Teddy And Lamborghini

Mr. Bean and teddy in action without MINI Cooper but Lamborghini. Cool eh?

They're specially ordered for a dad living in Singapore. Christine, the daughter is my third time returned client. She ordered this and this before. Both with Eeyore toppers. I really appreciate her trust and love on our cupcakes.

Mr. Bean has a mole on his left cheek. I didn't realize about it til I found his picture and sculpted him out with gumpaste. I guess my Mr. Bean looks a bit fierce with his big eyes and thick eye brows. Anyway, I like his red tie.

Here's the Lamborghini, the third Lamborghini I've ever made. Funny, I thought Ferrari is more popular but so far I'm yet to be commissioned one. Any Ferrari order please, call me......*giggle*

Happy birthday to Vince, the dad!

10 June 2010

Jade For Mom

For a daughter staying far away from mom, mom is always her worries. She would never forget her birthday. She would miss mom on every special occasion, especially when herself becomes a mom.

I was given an opportunity to convey her love to her mom on her big day via a set of 9 pieces cupcakes. Danise thought of jade, that's her mom's Chinese name, it's interesting, I like her idea and more than happy to realize it via cupcakes decoration.

Mom's figurine, it's tiny and she's wearing sarong, hahah......

The jade pendant. My mom has one such pendant actually.

Danise preferred orchid instead of rose. So.......as she wished. It's my first orchid topper in fact, -:)

Danise stays in KL and her mom lives in Bagan Ajam, Penang. Distance is not a problem as love is just merely a phone call or an email away. If you'd like it, you may even say it with specially designed cake or cupcakes, -:)

04 June 2010

Learn ABC With Barney

Oh Barney, idol of so many kids, their first idol in their life journey I suppose.

Moms love to celebrate their children's birthday with Barney cakes or cupcakes these days. Childhood education is getting more emphasis in the country. Some kids were sent to school at the age of 2 years old and the kindergarten syllabus starts at the age of 4 years old.

So, kids learn to read A, B, C at much younger ages nowadays and they know Barney early too.

Barney and ABC cupcakes, any more mom likes to grab one? Give Amy a call, hahah!

DreamHost review

03 June 2010

Girly Cupcakes

Apparently, they're for a girl.

She likes pink, sky blue and white. I tried to make them look simple, adorable and pure.

Wearing garments with pink pokka dots on white walking on the street, surely would attract a glance or two from her male pals, hehe......

Happy birthday to Miko, I've never seen her but I guess she must be a lovely girl who deserves specially designed cupcakes from her good friends.


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