31 May 2010

Sketches And Cupcakes

I use to sketch before sculpting my cakes. But on that day, I was given 2 pieces of sketches and requested to turn them into cupcakes.

The girl did the sketches during class, haha......I could imagine how she fantasized while the class was going on. I used to be like that many years back.

Her sketches were so refreshing that I simply couldn't wait to put them into reality via fondant.

After a night of cut, paste, a bit of sculpting and writing, they were finally 'reproduced' in the version of cupcakes. Take a look!

Love you day and night.

Love you from yesterday, today til tomorrow......

Four seasons of love, from spring, summer, autumn to winter.

How sweet they are, please get me a time machine, I wanna go back to my sweet sixteen now.

The best part is they're 100% edible, including the black ink used for the writing, ya, it's FDA approved, good to see and safe to eat.

If you have a picture in mind too, do sketch it out and email me. I'll do my best to realize your cupcake fantasy -:)

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