31 May 2010

Sketches And Cupcakes

I use to sketch before sculpting my cakes. But on that day, I was given 2 pieces of sketches and requested to turn them into cupcakes.

The girl did the sketches during class, haha......I could imagine how she fantasized while the class was going on. I used to be like that many years back.

Her sketches were so refreshing that I simply couldn't wait to put them into reality via fondant.

After a night of cut, paste, a bit of sculpting and writing, they were finally 'reproduced' in the version of cupcakes. Take a look!

Love you day and night.

Love you from yesterday, today til tomorrow......

Four seasons of love, from spring, summer, autumn to winter.

How sweet they are, please get me a time machine, I wanna go back to my sweet sixteen now.

The best part is they're 100% edible, including the black ink used for the writing, ya, it's FDA approved, good to see and safe to eat.

If you have a picture in mind too, do sketch it out and email me. I'll do my best to realize your cupcake fantasy -:)

25 May 2010

Wedding Cupcakes & Decoration

I intended to do a lengthy writeup about my wedding cupcakes when they were first produced. Anyway, I kept procrastinating til I lost my ideas (excuse of a procrastinator).

The 6-tiered cupcake tower was handmade by my late father last December. He had helped me a lot along the way. I miss him so much......

It was a foam tower, wrapped with theme coloured ribbons and decorated with lacey bow and ribbon made by a friend of mine. Really love it.

Apparently, the bride loves purple and she asked for everything purplish and white at the venue. Less is more for cupcake design on wedding theme as we look at the overall picture instead of individual cupcake.

Hence, I use the daisy sugar flowers as the cupcake toppers, mixed with some heart shaped toppers by the sides of Lovey Bears. I added them at the last minute to bring out the preciousness of the weddding cupcakes.

The bride was so delighted, "my guests just couldn't resist to pose in front of the cupcake tower during the photo shoot session that night." This is the comment that could make a cake designer smile in her sleep.


21 May 2010

Doll Cake In White With Red Rose

Mom was over excited on my first doll cake, she baked me another cake for the same doll. She even designed the gown for this second doll cake.

In fact, I'm not a big fan of doll cake. I simply don't have the gene of fashion design. The doll's gown design was always a headache to me til I gave up the intention to make a doll cake -:).

Mom knows me well. She saved me the trouble and allowed me to concentrate on the sugar work. What else could I expect? Well......mom's wish is fulfilled. Here it goes, my second doll cake in white with a red rose.

18 May 2010

Will You Marry Me?

Ben decided to propose a marriage by using cupcakes.
It was a challenge to me. Would my cupcakes help to win him a wife? Hahah......
He went through a tough session to finalize the design. My task was just to realize his idea. I don't mind to be merely a workman as long as the client has a clear idea of what he/she wants.
Again, our ever popular pair of hot red lips were chosen, hehe......and the inscription of "Will you marry me?" was stated.
On that special day, Ben brought the cupcakes, roses and a ring to his girl friend and expected an answer anxiously. Did Ben succeed?
With a wonderful preparation like this, the answer was definately a 'yes'.
Congratulations, Ben!

13 May 2010

My Melody

I believe everyone has his/her own favourite cartoon character(s). You will purchase the items 'unknowingly' when you see them. Ya, without much thinking, the items would fill up your shopping bag. When time passes by, your room may have piled on with your collection.

Alright, I shall introduce to you my favourite cartoon character, ya, it's My Melody, one of the Sanrio characters. Hello Kitty belongs to the group too. But, my love to My Melody is much much more than Hello Kitty.

I was glad to be given a chance to make My Melody for a young lady. It was a simple set of cupcakes but the joy of making my favourite character was simply unmeasurable.

10 May 2010

My Doll

Mom bought me a doll, no, I'm no more a little girl, she bought me the doll because she wanted me to make a doll cake.

Oh no....I'd never made one before. It's a challenge to me, how was I going to make it?

I had seen many great doll cakes made by other fellow cake designers. Yeah, I guess mom read my wish. I hoped to make it one day.

Thanks mom. Her initiative had really pushed me a step further to realize my concept of a doll cake's how-to.

I used the green fondant left over and mixed with yellow food paste colouring. Yes, apple green, I got the bright apple green as the gown's colour.

Again, mom found some fashion jewelleries kept for decades in the drawer. She suggested me to put them on the gown and hair. Oh well, they're not edible, I thought it was alright as I could remove them before I asked my niece to cut the cake.

The side view of my doll cake, I love her hair and of course, her gown, hehehe...

Finally, the doll cake was presented to my niece, Lina though her birthday was a month away.
She was so surprised and when I asked her to cut the doll, she got really shocked, "what? How can we eat her?"

08 May 2010

Baby Fullmoon Cupcakes

Baby full moon, say it in fusion way.

Nowadays, younger generation likes to be different but not to sacrifice the tradition. Here a friend of mine has commisioned me to make her baby girl's full moon gift by combining the custom kunyit rice, curry chicken, ang koo and red eggs with 2 pieces of fondant cupcakes.

Since the baby is a girl, I made roses besides the universal Lovey Bear for her.

If you'd like to have this fusion package for your baby full moon too, email us at mndcakes@gmail.com or call Amy at 0164011319 for more details. Thank you.


Non-smoking, we see the sign here and there but how many people have really bothered to follow the instruction?

What happen when a wife has tried every common ways to stop her hubby from smoking?

She might do this.

Warn him on his birthday via cupcakes, hehe......

Happy birthday but from now onwards, stop smoking please! -:D

07 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I wish to dedicate this set of mom's daily hardchores cupcakes to my mom and all moms on this coming Mother's Day.

Wish you all stay happy and blessed always.

This is the task my mom does everyday with love and hate...hehe...!

Happy Mother's Day!

04 May 2010

Welcome My Dears

Jagen, the uncle has been so nice to welcome the visit of his nephew and niece with this set of specially ordered cupcakes.

There're Tom and Jerry for his nephew Sri Ram and Winnie The Pooh for his niece Rupa Sri.

I've never thought of this, as my nephews used to be welcomed by loud warning, "Hey, have you guys finished your homework?" when they visit us on weekends, hehe......

See, cute eh, just guess which cartoon character is the most difficult to sculpt?

Pooh bear?
Oh no......
Tom then. No, no, no......
Haha...it's Jerry, the smallest among them.
Welcome kids, hope you like the cuties.


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