28 April 2010

Children's World

In the world of children, there's no such thing as dullness, boredom, monotonous, plain......

They see big things, they like vivid colours.

This set of cupcakes was ordered by a mom to her boy. She wanted everything 3D, there were Disney Cars, Totoros (big, medium, small), Stitch and Nemo, also a pair of kissing piggies.

It took ages to make all these characters but when I saw the final picture, I simply smiled......

It's a sense of satisfaction and joy.

Stitch, the mischievous creature appears again, whenever I see him, I think of my playful cousin.

Yay, Totoro, this time he comes with the junior totoros, 1 and 2, it was fun to dough play them.

Disney cars in action, the red one is Mc Queen, I don't know the blue car's name though I love his mouth, hehe......

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