25 April 2010

Cars Cake - Mater And McQueen

What do little boys of 2-3 years old like? After receiving quite a number of car cupcakes and now car cake order, I'd say the answer is cars.

It really walks me down the memory lane to my childhood time. My two younger brothers loved to play with little car miniatures, ya, they moved their cars around the floor and up to the sofa, by the edges of their beds, oh all over......

I got the challenge of making crafted pixar cars cakes of McQueen and Mater. I was given a picture of cake sample by a mother. She wanted me to do "something like that" but with one more car, Mater for her 2 years old boy.

I did a quick search for the cars characters. If I were given more time and budget, I would like to make as detailed as I could. But the time was really short, I had to opt for the method of "keeping only the essential", hehe......Luckily this last minute order turned up well and didn't disappoint the mother. Hope the little boy Braddy loves it as well.

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