28 April 2010

Children's World

In the world of children, there's no such thing as dullness, boredom, monotonous, plain......

They see big things, they like vivid colours.

This set of cupcakes was ordered by a mom to her boy. She wanted everything 3D, there were Disney Cars, Totoros (big, medium, small), Stitch and Nemo, also a pair of kissing piggies.

It took ages to make all these characters but when I saw the final picture, I simply smiled......

It's a sense of satisfaction and joy.

Stitch, the mischievous creature appears again, whenever I see him, I think of my playful cousin.

Yay, Totoro, this time he comes with the junior totoros, 1 and 2, it was fun to dough play them.

Disney cars in action, the red one is Mc Queen, I don't know the blue car's name though I love his mouth, hehe......

25 April 2010

Cars Cake - Mater And McQueen

What do little boys of 2-3 years old like? After receiving quite a number of car cupcakes and now car cake order, I'd say the answer is cars.

It really walks me down the memory lane to my childhood time. My two younger brothers loved to play with little car miniatures, ya, they moved their cars around the floor and up to the sofa, by the edges of their beds, oh all over......

I got the challenge of making crafted pixar cars cakes of McQueen and Mater. I was given a picture of cake sample by a mother. She wanted me to do "something like that" but with one more car, Mater for her 2 years old boy.

I did a quick search for the cars characters. If I were given more time and budget, I would like to make as detailed as I could. But the time was really short, I had to opt for the method of "keeping only the essential", hehe......Luckily this last minute order turned up well and didn't disappoint the mother. Hope the little boy Braddy loves it as well.

19 April 2010

Cherish Friendship

Have you ever thought of cherishing friendship with a cake? Jessy is the one.
Upon her two colleagues' birthdays, she thought of celebrating for them on the same day.

"They have been so helpful for the past three months." On their special day, Jessy prepared to give them a special cake, "Try to make it very special..." I described to her my idea of the cake and she was happy to accept it.

2 tiered cake with bright yellow to match the orangy Lovey bears which carry the initials of their names on their hearts respectively.
The sunflower represents the blossoming frienship that develops subtly among the three ladies.
The two birthday bears are singing while holding tight the rope of friendship. Where is Jessy?

Oh yeah, she is taking care of the friendship plate which is so valuable to her.

Wish their friendship lasts forever.

15 April 2010

Market Queen

She's the market queen according to my friend.
She's pretty.
She sells onions, garlic, anchovis, dried prawns and other dry ingredients at a wet market.
She's celebrating her 30th birthday.
And, she's on diet, hehe...
"Since she has got to reduce her fat intake, I'll just give her a little cupcake..."
Oh, why not?
Finally, I made her this onion cupcake with a pink rose, personally I love it very much, -:)

13 April 2010

Aries Boy Birthday Cake

Do you like to read horoscope? Young generation today not only believe in horoscope but celebrate their birthdays with horoscope cakes, hahah......

He's an Aries, on his birthday, the girl friend gave him an Aries cake. It's natural, right? But, how does an Aries look like? That's up to a cake designer to figure out.

Aries by Amy is not going to be merely a bunch of stars. Aries gotta be adorable, with eyes and lips. Don't you agree?

And...Aries is not alone in the sky. The moon is always there.

Happy birthday to Allen, the Aries boy.

08 April 2010

30, No Big Deal

Purple and pink themed cupcakes for a 30 years old lady. It's quite sensitive in fact when your age is stated or mentioned during your birthday. But I tell you, time has changed, 30 to lady nowadays, is simply a number. No big deal lah!

We can still eat lollies, the kids in our hearts are always there.

01 April 2010

Lucky Eeyore

I didn't know Eeyore til I was commissioned a set of Christmas cupcakes with Eeyore. The same lady came to me and asked for another cake, heart shaped and a set of cupcakes for her boy friend's birthday then.

Wow, I was more than happy to get a returned sales. It means a lot to me.

Besides Eeyore the donkey, she wanted a lamb to represent herself. How sweet! "Let them sit ontop of a heart shaped cake." Yo..double sweetness!! "Plus the tiny blossoms." Yoyo......

I wonder what else could melt the boy friend's heart if this cake doesn't work? :)

Happy birthday to Aik, so lucky you!


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