29 March 2010

Monkey Business

I've never made monkey cupcake topper. My first time, yes, the client asked for funny monkeys, male and female, I had to scratch my head. Then mom lighted up a bulb in my head, banana! They should have banana! :)

Here they are. I gave one banana to the male monkey only, mom said, "then the female should get an orange, if not banana." Hahaha...no no monkey doesn't eat orange. I insisted and made the female monkey crying! So cruel ya?

I love their backsides!


  1. These are completely amazing! We have featured them in our 25 best birthday animal cupcakes at http://partycupcakeideas.com/25-birthday-party-animal-cupcake-ideas/

  2. I need cupcakes for my daughter for her 1 b-day and it's all about. MONKEY


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