29 March 2010

Monkey Business

I've never made monkey cupcake topper. My first time, yes, the client asked for funny monkeys, male and female, I had to scratch my head. Then mom lighted up a bulb in my head, banana! They should have banana! :)

Here they are. I gave one banana to the male monkey only, mom said, "then the female should get an orange, if not banana." Hahaha...no no monkey doesn't eat orange. I insisted and made the female monkey crying! So cruel ya?

I love their backsides!

19 March 2010

Bunnies In The Stardom

Another 21st birthday cupcakes set. Bunnies are up this time. Instead of the simple rabbits I made last year which created a hit over Flickr, I try to sculp bunnies with long and straight ears and four limbs in this entry.

Pink and green colour theme is adopted this time as our client requested for a fun partying design, which means more colourful and cheerful appearance is expected.

Little yellow and orange stars scatter here and there, especially around the curly 21 topper.
Oh, how I wish I would go back to my 21st and receive a set of cupcakes like this. :)

18 March 2010

Yay! 21st Birthday!

21st birthday, wow, an age leaving me afar, an age full of hope, energy and excitement, an age living on a simple college life, how I miss it......

The cupcakes design suggested by our client clearly reflects the young and vibrant 21st. Rainbow, key, hugs and kisses (XOXO), I added up the smileys and "YAY! " topper to elevate the cheerful design.

Look at the doggy holding an egg, cute? I didn't ask why they wanted the dog to hold an egg but I like the idea, heheh!

I seldom use buttercream in my design but as long as there's a request, I don't mind. It simply looks nice beneath the fondant toppers and the taste is surely much better than fondant. Just that buttercream work can be quite messy, errr......if you need to transport your cakes for quite a distance or to present your cakes as door gift, you've better avoid it.

Ok, back to 21st, ahahah...what did you get for your 21st birthday? I got an elephant soft toy from my housemates, heheh! The elephant is still with me now after so long......

Do you still remember your 21st birthday or how are you going to celebrate your 21st?

14 March 2010

"Can you make a grand piano?" Oops, I've never made one but I'd like take the challenge. "Yes!" It was my answer.

Then, I started to get worried. New sugarpaste recipe needed. I need a harder paste but I didn't have the luxury of time to experiment. A trick popped up in my head, well, just give it a try and look at my final product, not as rigid as I expected but much better than the one appeared in my nightmare eh, heheheh!

07 March 2010

Distance Is Not A Problem

Distance is never a problem.

Look at them, one from chilling down South and the other one from hot and dry Africa, they're not meant to be together but they are together under the name of love, hehe...


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