26 December 2010

Santa Baby

Here I come, I'm the Santa baby, riding on my reindeer pet, across the snowy land.

Gordon's birthday falls on Christmas, how special, his mom has commissioned us the special birthday cake 2 months back. Finally, the day arrived and hope they have had an unforgettable birthday party to celebrate Gordon's 1st birthday.

Happy birthday and a very merry christmas to the family.

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Dear readers, wish you a Merry Christams no matter where you are.

For those from Malaysia and this side of the world, so sorry, it is a belated wish, I was damn crazy for the past week till yesterday morning. Mom and I had to rush for 4 sets of cupcakes and cake on the Christams eve. Luckily, they were duely completed and safely reached the hands of our clients in the morning of Christmas.

Shown here are two Christmas themed cupcakes that we had done.

Stay tuned for the special birthday cake of the Santa baby. Merry Christmas!!

Doraemon Shower Cake

Doraemon, every kids like him. So do I, though I'm no more a kid.

I was asked to make a simple cake with Doraemon topper. As you know, I like to do something different each time with our cake commission. It would be quite boring if Doraemon were to stand on top of the cake. The client didn't really specify what she preferred. So, hahah......it was an opportunity for me to play around.

You know what had I come out with.

What about a shower session of Doraemon?

When I put up the cake picture earlier on our Facebook, it became a hit instantly. I received two similar inquiry the next day.

It was definately fun to have Doraemon in my handmade Japanese bath tub. :)

14 December 2010

Cow And Rabbit Couple

A very cute fondant cake with cow and rabbit toppers and side design commissioned by a young lady for her boy friend's birthday. She's the rabbit showering her love to the top and the cow is her boy friend.

Look at the cow, he loves football and is kicking them. Part of the design was suggested by the lady. You see, our clients can always give us the inspiration to make us better. :) Don't be afraid to tell us anything on your mind, we will guide you through to make your vision comes true.

Aren't the cow and the rabbit toppers adorable? *blush*

I love the rabbit particularly.

3D Helmet Cake And The Supercool Yamaha R6 Motorbike

A very special and meaningful order to us. Preeti, the girl friend commissioned me a set of black and white fashion themed cupcakes for her loved one simply to cheer him up few months back and now it's her boy friend's birthday, she asked for something special and unique, a 3D fondant cake this time.

I tried to find out what her boy friend liked or dreamed of and she finally made a decision to make him a Yamaha R6 motorbike. I suggested her to add a 3D helmet cake and a figurine of the birthday guy, Neash in biker's suit. She was more than happy to accept it.

Then, I started to get nervous, I made a 3D Chinese bun cake before but I have never made a 3D helmet cake. The shape is quite different and I need to dig a hole in it and fix a 'glass' in front. Also, the bike sculpting is not an easy task at all. I knew it as I found that the structure of a bike was much complicated than a car. I had some hard time sculpting three Ferraris before. :)

This was the challenge I had to face if I were to strive towards my dream of being a professional sugar artist. Yes, I know and eventually I came out with the final product as above. Though not perfect, I was quite happy with it. Preeti had been giving me the timely encouragement and confidence before the cake was sent out. I'm really thankful for her trust and kindness.

I sent the cake at midnight, exactly the start of her boy friend's birthday. The next day morning, I got an sms from Preeti......

Thank you so much for such a lovely cake amy :)  birthday boy was close to tears seeing it......U did a great job.. Thanks once again :)
You're most welcomed, Preeti. Your trust has  driven me to move a step further towards my dream. :) Thanks.

03 December 2010

Parent & Kid Cupcake Decorating Workshop- 18 December 2010

Still remember how fun was it when you taught your toddler to walk? How happy they were when you told them little stories before sleep? How long have you not been playing with your kid? These are the precious interaction moment between parent and kid. The chances are getting less when they grow up.

In conjuction with this school holidays, we'd be organizing a special Parent & Kid Cupcakes DIY Fun Workshop at Amy Cakes & Crafts Center, Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Grab this opportunity to have fun with your kid and leave both of you a precious memory besides exploring your kid's creativity via something not found in the classroom.

The details are as follows:

(Pic: For illustration only)

Date: 18 December 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm
Venue: Amy's Cakes & Crafts Center (Near BM Tesco)
Fees: RM50 (kid only) or RM90 (parent & kid).

* At the end of the workshop, your kid or both of you would bring back 4 pieces of decorated cupcakes each.
* A mystery gift would be given to participant with the best decorated cupcakes.
*  You don't have to bring anything other than your kid to have fun together :)

Limited pax available. So, please register early to avoid any disappointment.

For further enquiry, kindly contact:
Mom & Daughter Cakes
Email: mndcakes@gmail.com
Mobile: 017-4513293

Amy's Cakes & Crafts Center
Tel: 04-5305506

26 November 2010

Happy Birthday To Papa

Papa is celebrating his big day. All kids are holding their wishes on red paper carrying different messages of longevity, prosperity, happiness and healthy.

Three of the kids are wearing glasses and each of them have their own interest, photography, reading, wearing red and simplicity.

Papa and mama are so happy 

May papa live long healthily and a very happy birthday! I wonder how was the response of their dad seeing these cutie Lovey Bears cupcakes, -:)

25 November 2010

Wild Wild Hello Kitty

"Change, change, change, I wanna change......" says Hello Kitty, " I'm getting bored of being little girl's cutie pie!"

 Ok ok, heard it, let me give Hello Kitty a makeover.

And, here's the result.......

Hello Kitty in leopard print gown, dancing......:)

23 November 2010

Frilled Up Minnie

I mean Minnie's gown. Frills were created to give a 3D effect and Minnie was in red totally. This cupcake was meant for a 24-year-old, so the Minnie's looked more matured. She was sitting on top of 3 pieces of cupcakes, chocolate flavoured and covered with lime green fondant.

Happy birthday to Sunrise Yow! I labelled this set of cupcakes as 'Cupcakes For Kids' as I think they're quite suitable for kids too. The kid in my heart whispered me. :)

13 November 2010

Craving For Doughnuts?

Craving for doughnuts? Why not trying doughnuts on cupcakes? Hahah...these are actually commisioned by a girl for her best friend's birthday. They like to hang out at Big Apple (local doughnut store), Mc Donalds, Golden Screen (cineplex) and Karaoke every weekends.
He is celebrating his 22nd birthday.

Here you see the cat's footprints, hehe......for how they hopped around spending their weekends.

11 November 2010

I Love You

Happy birthday to you, I love you.......

Hehe...I say this on behalf of the cake giver actually. Don't worry! But, I do love all my blog readers, -:)

A lime green heart shaped cake dummy decorated with rose and tiny leaves. Inspired by a cake of Pink Cake Box.

Hope you like it.

05 November 2010

Fairy Tales II - Fairies Birthday Cake

As promised, here's my fairies cake. I made a 2-tiered fairies cake few months back. It was iced with buttercream and this time entirely with fondant.

I personally feel that fondant cake is much neater and nicer. If you think fondant is too sweet for you, you may peel it off, just like you remove the creamy roses that used to be added as our conventional birthday cake topper. Right?

Last time when I mentioned fondant, 9 out of 10 people would get confused and asked me how was its taste, texture and so on.......

But recently, I'm happy to find that fondant cake is getting more popular and accepted at my neighbourhood. More and more customers called me up and asked for fondant cake.  They know what fondant is. No more puzzling, -:)

This fairies themed birthday cake was ordered by my loyal customer Sally. It was the 5th order she made within 2 weeks. I really appreciate it.

Thanks you, Sally.

04 November 2010

Fairy Tales I - Fairies Cupcakes

This post is going to bombard your eyes with cute little fairies all over. I made six pieces of fairies toppers, two as gift and the other four for a set of cupcakes to be presented to four sisters

Day dreaming fairy, :)

Fairies and ladybugs cupcakes.

 Stay tuned for fairy tale II, cake version......

02 November 2010

Pink Obsession

Somehow, cakes and cupcakes that I made recently were mostly pink in colours.

"I want pink."

"Can it be done in pink?"

"My daughter likes pink."

People kept asking for pink, my decorating bench was scattered with pink fondant decor,  my mood turned pink too.

Let the pictures tell you how pink I was...... :)

25 pieces of pinky Lovey bear themed 2.0oz cupcakes for a little 3-year-old girl.

12 pieces of 2.5oz cupcakes as suprised gift for a little boy.

Even a boy likes pink, hehe......

29 October 2010

First Competition - Sarawak Themed 4-Tiered Wedding Cake

I took part in a cake competition early this month to get some experience, to force myself to produce a big cake and to meet my cake decorating idol Debbie Brown ^.^  The cake competition was organized by International Centre Of Cake Artistry, ICCA in Kuala Lumpur.

I had no idea about what a cake competition was all about previously. It's indeed a prescious experiece for me as I learned about the dos and dons of a cake exhibit besides the winning points and causes of lost.

Arghhh...... my cake was being judged by 4 prestigious international judges - Eddie Spenser MBE and Debbie Brown from UK, Rose Wallace from USA and ICCA founder Rosalind Chan. How honoured was I, hehe......

Eddie said the cake was simple but gorgeous and both Eddie and Debbie kept appreciating the Sarawakian wedding couple and saying, "gorgeous......." That's what my brother told me. He helped me to take the photo while I was peeping from a higher floor, hehe......

However, Rosalind was quite uneasy with my bared cake board, I saw her knocking at the cake board when she approached my cake. Oh, I felt so ashamed of my lack of preparation. I should decorate all my cake boards in future! No more excuse!

I love them. They are the Sarawak hornbills. I was supposed to add more decoration around them but......(no excuse, no excuse......)

The cake topper was a pair of Sarawak aborigine, Orang Ulu's wedding couple. They were the biggest figurines I've ever made. The cake tiers were 5", 8", 10" and 12" in diameters with the top, 3rd and 4th tiers 4" in height while the 2nd tier 2" in height. I was delighted that I managed to tackle them though I faced some hard time covering the bottom tier, the largest I'd ever made, again! ^^

At the end, my cake was not selected though, I gained so much in term of cake decorating knowledge and courage to make big cakes and figurines! I know I can make big cakes now. Any order (the bigger, the merrier) ? Call me, call me! *grin*

28 October 2010

Birthday Cake For Aunty

Simplicity is beauty. For a lady in her 40s, I guess it's time to make things simple. Cake with plain white fondant cover and pink roses with butterflies would be good enough to make her birthday a memorable one.

These roses were handcrafted with gumpaste, the butterflies were cut out and painted with pokka dots. Edible silver beads were added to give an elegant touch to the cake.

At the side, I added 8 pieces of fondant plates, embossed with flowers and dusted with shiny edible pink and white pearl powder. Not forgeting a birthday message to be conveyed from the giver, a young lady who was still studying at a college in Penang.

26 October 2010

3D Chinese Bun Cake For A Grandma In Penang

I was commissioned by a young lady studying in Australia to make this 3D Chinese bun cake to her grandma in Penang on her birthday.

She is one of her 10 grandchildren and the grandma has another 2 great grand children. I tried to incorporate all the figurines into my first ever big Chinese bun cake within her budget. It was so fun sculpting the figurines till I nearly forgot it was part of my work but not play-dough session when I was still a kindy's kid.

I started at 9pm and ended at 5am. A night owl indeed as a cake decorator like me. When my task was accomplished, I started to feel sleepy! Luckily the delivery was arranged at noon.

The next day after the cake was sent, I got this email from the grand daughter:

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your delivery yesterday and my whole family, especially my grandma is so happy with the cake. Thank you again for your great work. They are impressed.

Keep up the good work.


So nice of her, the compliment and encouragement really mean a lot to me. Yeah! Keep it up! Keep it up! :)

20 October 2010

Cupcakes For Children - Jungle Book

These 20 pieces baby cakes were made for a 5-year-old birthday. He would share them with his pals at the kindergarten and all kids would get excited, just like the creator herself  *wink*.

L for lion.

Oh, it's a monkey!

In a child's eyes, tiger is never fierce.

Beside the jungle themed cupcakes, Rylan got another set of outer space cupcakes for home celebration. Both sets were ordered by his aunt. How lucky he is to have a loving aunt who has brought him such a sweet memory!

10 October 2010

Basketball And Beer Lover

He loved basketball and beer. This two interests seemed to be quite different in nature. How to combine them in a single set of cupcakes? It was a challenge to me.

His girl friend was so nice to give me the freedom of design. No restriction at all. Eventually, these were what I came out with.

It was fun sculpting the bear, beer bottle and mug with bubbles, :)
The girl friend rang me up when she received the cupcakes at The Designer Store, Sunway Carnival Mall. She sounded excited, "wow! They look really unique, I love them very much! Thanks, thanks..."

Compliment is something unmeasurable with money. We appreciate it. Each and every compliment would help to drive us a step forward. Thanks! ^.^

08 October 2010

Betrothal Cupcakes

Have you ever thought of giving cupcakes as betrothal gift (聘礼)? I've never thought of it till I was commissioned a set of betrothal cupcakes.

As this was a new idea, we had to put up our thinking caps together with the client seriously. From a draft to actual workout, the process was so interesting and inspiring!  

Red and yellow were used as the theme colours.

A few betrothal and auspicious items were chosen to be the cupcakes toppers.

Chinese wedding couple and the betrothal baskets.

So, if you would like to have a set of cupcakes as your betrothal gift as well, do feel free to call me ya......I'm the expert now, hahah! (joking) 


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