03 December 2009

Surprised And Touched......

When I first started Mom And Daughter Cakes, I was quite hesitate if I should provide delivery service as I had a day job and cake decorating was just my part time business.

But to date, I'm 100% certain that I should do it.

The reasons are it's a way to fulfill the need of our clients and it's also a mean of appreciation to those who love our cakes. I am very much inspired by the clients, one of them is Azlinda, my very first client from down South.
Last Sunday, I was commissioned a set of cupcakes by Azlinda from Johor. This lovely lady wanted me to send the cakes to her loved one, Fazlin at Butterworth. I checked my schedule, oh well, it's Sunday, I could do it though I had another set of cupcakes to be delivered to Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya.

I said 'yes' to her and I thought she must be very eager to see the response of her special one when he received the cakes. It would be a surprised birthday gift! I thought I should take the picture of Fazlin with the cakes and sent her right after.

When I told her about it, she was so happy!

I kept my promise and managed to capture that special moment at Fazlin's home. He was really nice and posed naturally in front of the camera, look at the pictures, how happy and funny he is, haha!

When my dad was driving me home, I sms Azlinda that the mission was accomplished, she immediately sent me the followings:

"Tq so much Amy.. Im so touched! That won't happen without u."

Hmm....Azlinda, me too...It's my pleasure to be the love messenger between you and your loved one, I'm deeply touched too to have a nice and warm client like you.

Azlinda expressed her thank again via Facebook and email. When I finished reading them, I teared......

She had really made my day! I'm more decisive now to venture into the field of decorative cakes fully.
Thanks Azlinda. Wish you'd be blessed with love 4ever......


  1. Amy dear...
    tq so much for everything...
    i'm so touched, reading this entry..
    If i'm getting married, I'll surely invite u! =)

    So much LoVe from Johore...;)

  2. Thanks dear...
    I'm keen to attend your wedding too!

    Hug from Penang~


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