08 December 2009

My Heart, My Love

Lovey bear is getting more popular. Not only they sit on little cuppies but now heart shaped mini cake, yay!

The cake is chocolate flavoured and covered with rolled fondant. The client asked for a pair of Loveys as cake topper and I added pink blossoms in front of the bears, indicating their love is blooming all the way......

So glad that my first heart shaped cake came out well, not out of shape, hehe...and covered up smoothly with fondant. Hopefully this love themed mini cake manages to deliver its message of love to the recipient.

So sorry about the picture quality as it was taken with phone camera. My brother's camera battery was flat and my digital camera had spoilt......*sob*

Don't worry, I will get a DSLR in January, please bear with me at the moment...thanks...

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