27 December 2009

A Belated Christmas

Been busy with cakes, cakes and cakes these days.

On the Christmas day, I had to prepare two sets of wedding cupcakes for two different wedding dinners on the next day, 26 December, it was my special day, a very special day.......-:)

I was blessed to be given the task of decorating cakes for the lovely couples. It was the best Christmas gift to me. Before that, I shall show you the special gift that I promised to give away for Mom & Daughter Cakes Facebook fan.

Deng deng deng......here it is~

They're pink penguins! I dreamt of them and I told myself I gonna make them. Haha...my dream had come true!

Aren't they cute? I can't stand to snap their pictures from different angles, hehe......

Pink Penguins in a box with ribbon. They look precious. I will make more penguins on smaller cups in smaller boxes as wedding door gifts, hopefully.

From the top. Pink Penguins are looking up!

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