22 November 2009

Tom And Jerry: Good Luck To All SPM Candidates

Do you still remember the time you took SPM (Malaysian School National Exam)? I was like most students, burning the midnight oil weeks before SPM, a last minute doer, terrible. However, I enjoyed the time as we got to skip class and stayed at home with a good excuse-:).

It's SPM season again, I was commissioned to make this set of cupcakes for a young man who was going to take his exam. Tom and Jerry is the design theme. How exciting and funny! I enjoyed very much making them. I took 30 minutes to sculpt Tom but more than 1 hour for Jerry! Can you imagine it?

See, how mischievous Jerry is! I've started to love Tom more than Jerry since then, hehe......

With this lovely set of cupcakes, yeah, they're cupcakes, not cake, I shall take this opportunity to wish all SPM candidates: Good Luck!!!

Tip Of The Day:

To eat a fondant cupcake, simply put into your mouth! If you don't have a sweet tooth, remove the topper and just eat the cake. You may keep the topper at cool, dry place (preferably air-conditioned) for a long time.

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