24 November 2009

If 2012 Were The End Of The World......

Helping people to send message of love is indeed a pleasure for us. Mom and I love to take the role of cupids, *smile*

We've been doing quite a number of d'amour cupcakes (love themed), we have done bears (Lovey, MND Cakes signature bear), doggies, piggies, bunnies, penguins and now Nemos the fish......

We believe love is not granted. Love is a seed which needs continuoul watering to grow and bloom. Love needs to be appreciated, celebrated and cherished.

If 2012 were the end of the world, no worries, with love, we could transform into Nemos and live on happily! ^^

I love them so much that I couldn't stop snapping their pictures.

The sea shells. Mom helped to sculpt them. Not bad ya...

Woo...wish all of us swim together with our loved ones in the sea of love, forever~


  1. Oh my gosh!! These are sooo adorable!!! Love the little figures! So cute and gorgoes!

    Thanks for sharing you wonderful talent.

  2. Thank you Rylan, glad you like them.
    I wish I could bake and decorate stunning cakes like you!


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