29 October 2009

Wedding Cupcakes - Calla Lily, Four Leaves Clover & Pink Rose

It's been a trend to have wedding tiered cupcakes besides wedding cake during a wedding ceremony. On constraint wedding budget, it's indeed a smart alternative as they could be an elegant presentation with beautiful arrangement.

Recently I've created some wedding cupcakes for window display. People like simple creation nowadays, especially for wedding cake and cupcakes, white and beige are 2 major themed colours.

A small heart, little rose or monogram design is preferred as wedding cupcake topper.

Personally I love four leave clover and calla lily besides pink rose, so I just design something I love to share with you, hopefully you would love them too.

Four leaves clover which is believed to bring good luck to its finder. What about its cake topper eater? Hehehe......

This is calla lily, love its pureness......

23 October 2009

Lovey Bears Party

The bears party begins....they're called Lovey Bears, characterized by orange hearts on their chests.

Here's the Reading Lovey who doesn't like to read but loves day-dreaming.

Lollipop Lovey, oh can you give me one of your lollipops?

What else should be owned by Cupcake Lovey, if not a cupcake?

Burger Lovey loves big Mac with more greens and cheese......

Love is in the air! Hehe...how sweet she is.

Oh, balloons, every kid's dream is in the balloon, please give me a ride to the sky!
The creation of Lovey bears is indeed a trip down memory lane to Amy or perhaps she has never grown up. :)

15 October 2009

Wedding Bliss

It's wedding season. Two girl friends of mine had just got married a week ago. When would be my turn? Haha...

Isn't it a dream for a girl to marry someone who loves? I guess I'm normal.

Let's put every girl's dream on top of cakes ------ bride and groom figurines...... and also the cupcakes, hehe!

When I showed this bride's cupcake to friends, they were amazed and amused, -:)

They said it was sexy. It's mom's suggestion to "push" them up anyway! *grin*

09 October 2009

Flower Bouquet Cupcakes

Mom & Daughter Cakes is going to step into a new chapter very soon...

To prepare for it, I've been working hard these days, very very hard, look at my panda eyes, you'd know how much sleep I've sacrificed for that big thing, hehe...

All girls love flowers and many girls love roses. I'm not exception. The special place needs flower cupcakes, I know, so I've made a few flower bouquet cupcakes, pink and yellow roses, I wonder the meaning of different colour of roses, I just made them, as they're beautiful, probably one day I'd make black rose as well, -:)

Pink rose with orange flower and yellow daisy, the green leaves are inspired from the actual bouquet done by florist.

More pink roses and blue flowers with green stems bent in fan shape. Another flower bouquet creation, just that it's placed on top a little cupcake.

Do you notice the pokka dot pink cupcake liners? Aren't they lovely? Mom (Patsy) is a fan of pretty cupcake liners or cupcake cups, she saw them while shopping for baking stuff and couldn't resist to take them home.

I tried to make full use of the cupcake liners. Pretty match with the roses and flowers, right? I hope you like them as well.


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