22 September 2009

Princess Wonderland

When a friend came to my house and spotted the princess themed cupcakes, he was amazed and asked,"Are you the creator of fairy tales?" I laughed.

These cupcakes were made for a 2-year-old girl, her mom gave me the theme and suggested the colors. Apparently the little girl is a princess in her heart. How lucky the girl is!

At this precious moment, hopefully the lovely princess, castle and pinkish wonderland of mushrooms, little flowers and ladybirds would leave a fond memory to the family, especially the little one, Steph. ^^

Pictures by: Eyuaik

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15 September 2009

He Loves Shin Chan

What does he like?

When it comes to ordering cake for your loved one, in order to cheer him up with the gift from your heart, you're given a chance to ponder a while on what he likes.

Though we know each other, we go to the same school, we take the same LRT or we even in love.......have you ever realized that you never observed him subtly enough?

Prepare for these questions:

What is his favourite colour?

What is his favourite cartoon character? Sure he has. :)

What does he do for fun?

If he has a dreamed car, you may wonder.

Does he has a special interest? *wink*

Any more?

You don't simply give a set of cakes for his birthday. You wanna surprise him, make him smile, and remember this special moment with you.

So, be observant.

So, she told me that he loves watching Shin Chan, and playing basketball :).

Photo by: Eyuaik

07 September 2009

Baby Pherng's Toys

My friend's baby Ian Pherng is finally one year old. Why did I say finally? Haha, as his dad has been taking his photos since he was born, everyday, 365 days, what a long journey when you try to record a baby's progress each day, it certainly needs a lot of patience.

So, I really salute him.

On this special day of the baby, this aunty has nothing special to give except for these two little toys cupcakes. They are both toys of Ian Pherng, blue bear and the yellow caterpillar, I wonder the baby would like them but the baby's dad definitely loves them.

Look, he immediately snapped the photos as soon as the cupcakes were ready, how excited he was!

Happy birthday to Ian Pherng, may you grow up healthily, safely and happily! :)

P/S: More pictures on my friend's blog.


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