24 June 2009

Stand Up CJ7

My nephew loves CJ 7.

He asked me to make a CJ7 cake for him. I almost forgot til he reminded me again by bringing his CJ7 for me as reference. Worries arose. Is it possible to make CJ7's 'horn' standing up? What about his big eyes in black colour? If I have an edible blank ink pen, it would be simple. I just draw it out.

Then I asked mom to help. Haha...mom is more creative than me at times. She scrutinized her kitchen and came out with a few pieces of raisins, "Hey, why don't you try these?"

"Yes mom, Good idea!" I tried to cut the raisins into CJ7's eyes shape and sticked on the sockets, hehe, I did it.

The horn easily stood up with the use of tragacanth gum strengthened fondant, yeh, I did it again.

So here they are, Chuen couldn't stop smiling while playing with his new toys ------ CJ7 cupcakes.

He told me that CJ7 was not supposed to stand. Really? I thought he danced. Ok, then let him squad and urinate, hehe...

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