13 June 2009

Happy Family Cake, The Japanese Style

She's a woman who puts her family at the first place.

She and hubby simply love Japanese culture til they name their kids after Japanese.

She has a boy and a girl, and expecting another baby boy.

She's celebrating her 30th birthday.

Everything seems good and perfect for her.

I promised her a special cake on her birthday. Naturally, I came across the idea of sculpting the figurines of her happy family, the Japanese style. But, but......

I forgot about her expecting baby, look at the mummy's stomach, it's flat, :p.

"I will make another sugar baby for you after your baby comes out....hehe!!"

"Ok, next year, another cake for me."


The sculpting is fun, though time-consuming, but Japanese style again?

Hopefully with more cake decoration tools and paste food colourings in hand soon, I'd add more details to their clothes besides more colour options next time.

After presenting a few cakes to friends and family, the only problem I found with fondant decorated cakes is most of the cakes were ended up being kept in fridge as the recipients hated to send them into stomach. :)

p/s: Sorry for the poor photo quality. The pictures were taken with phone camera as my digital is spoilt. Need to get a new one soon.

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