26 June 2009

The Baby In My Heart Is Waking Up

It's a tradition for Chinese to celebrate Full Moon for baby who is one month old. Usually we prepare ang koo, a type of green been paste dessert, nasi kunyit, a type of yellow ginger steamed rice, chicken curry and red coloured eggs to be distributed to relatives and friends.

When time changes, there are people starts to give away fast food vouchers for friends instead of traditional food preparation. It's interesting.

Cupcakes have become so popular in the country. Hence, there're more and more people start to accept the idea of giving away cupcakes as full moon gift too. So, I'm wondering I could include this package in MND Cakes menu.

Here are two design that I played with yesterday. Hopefully when I'm free, I can create more of these cutie baby stuff designs.

Milk bottle and little heart in mama's heart.

Yay, I'm one month old!
I guess the child, oh no, baby in my heart is waking up, hehe...

Here's a sample of fullmoon gift box prepared by us. If you're interested, please drop us an email for further details.

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