14 April 2009

My Little Lotus Ponds

I tend to imagine that a cupcake is a pool of water, a pond, a lake, a well or even a kid swimming pool. So when a girl who loves lotus wanted to know how I designed my cupcake, the bulb lighted up and ding......images of lotus ponds popped up on my mind.

I decided to show her the steps of constructing 4 little ponds with lotus flowers, leaves and koi fish. Again, fondant was used to sculp the toppers and the water of the pond was made with blue coloured fluffy frosting.

Mom helped me to extract blue pigment from a type of small flowers, I don't know what's the name of the flower but it could be found easily locally and we used to plant it in the garden. It gives natural blue colour and I used it to tint the frosting.

I bought ready-made fondant from a local confectionary supplies store. To get the green lotus leaves, I cut out the rolled fondant into different sizes and shapes. Lotus flowers were cut with a plastic mould. Initially I made only white lotus but then mom insisted to have pink lotus.

I think older people like vivid colours. So, her wish was fulfilled. Pink and white lotus surrounded with green leaves but the pond wouldn't be lively without some 'live' creatures, so here they are, two koi fishes were sculpted and released into the pond, hehe......


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