18 March 2009

Rabbits With Carrot Cupcakes

Mom and I made these rabbit shaped 'bao' long time ago. She kneaded the dough and I shaped them into rabbit. I'm always a designer in heart ^.^ . Do they look like real rabbit? This rabbit bao appeared in a local newspaper and mom was so excited about it.

Now, since I'm so obsessed with cupcake baking and design, the rabbits came into my mind and they underwent a natural transition from bao to cupcake topper. Deng deng deng deng......see what have they turned up to be:

Looking at these little cutties, my nephew couldn't help to grab them and posed in front of his aunt's camera. Do you notice that the eyes of the rabbits are black intead of red this time? They are much slimmer though. ^.^


  1. hi, is it decoration on cupcakes? looked nice...

  2. soooo cute :D reminds me of chinese dim sum from hong kong :)

  3. ya, you're right. I got the inspiration from dim sum ;)


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