30 December 2009

Happy Family Cake

It's a little family consists of mom, dad and a two-year-old boy. Dad is a typical family man who loves to play PS3 with his son at home after work.

When dad's birthday approached, PS3 and his family naturally became the theme of the cake. It's a chocolate cake frosted with chocolate mousse and covered with rolled fondant.

The kid is sitting on daddy's back while the mom is looking on.

"It's a very nice cake!" I got the sms from the mom right after the cake was delivered to the family on Penang Island. Sweet comments definately make our day! Thanks!

27 December 2009

Christmas Cupcakes - Santa Is Going Home

These Christmas cupcakes were delivered on the Christmas eve. Snowman is my favourite, followed by Santa whilst the donkey Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh was a surprised order, it was fun making it.

Eeyore, the donkey, isn't it cute?
Ho! Ho! My favourite Santa Claus is coming to town.

He's going home now, see him on next Christmas! -:)

A Belated Christmas

Been busy with cakes, cakes and cakes these days.

On the Christmas day, I had to prepare two sets of wedding cupcakes for two different wedding dinners on the next day, 26 December, it was my special day, a very special day.......-:)

I was blessed to be given the task of decorating cakes for the lovely couples. It was the best Christmas gift to me. Before that, I shall show you the special gift that I promised to give away for Mom & Daughter Cakes Facebook fan.

Deng deng deng......here it is~

They're pink penguins! I dreamt of them and I told myself I gonna make them. Haha...my dream had come true!

Aren't they cute? I can't stand to snap their pictures from different angles, hehe......

Pink Penguins in a box with ribbon. They look precious. I will make more penguins on smaller cups in smaller boxes as wedding door gifts, hopefully.

From the top. Pink Penguins are looking up!

21 December 2009

Christmas And New Year 2010 Giveaway

Mom and I are giving away a piece of Christmas and 2010 New Year cupcake tagged with your name and packed beautifully on the Christmas Day!

One lucky winner will be drawn from those who leave us a message on our facebook latest post. The winner will be annouced before 11:59pm on 24 December 2009. So hurry, to those with Facebook account, do join us and stand a chance to win the unique festive cupcake!

Our facebook page:


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010! Cheers!

Note: The gift has to be collected at The Designer Store, Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Jaya. Kindly take note.

17 December 2009

Totoro, Stitch And The Mini Cars

Cake decorating has broadened my world of cartoon. Knowing Disney characters are not enough to satisfy the new generation's cartoon craving. Japanese cartoons have to come into play.

Introducing to you Totoro, となりのトトロ or 龙猫, a friendly and gentle cartoon from our neighbourhood.

Made in Malaysia mini cars. They're on the road, watch out!

Totoro, plump but with a good heart.

"Aloha! I'm Stitch!"

Let's follow the mini cars! Appearance of Lovey bear among these creatures seems a bit weird huh? Hehe......they're heading to a party I guess.

09 December 2009

Yellow Roses Floral Bouquet

Yellow roses are not so common but they are not less sweet than pink roses. I made them purposely to match the green and white striped cupcake liners bought by mom. -:)

The roses were then matched with daisy and little blue flowers. The little ribbon on one of the samples was added to make it looked more like a bouquet.

I thought it's quite suitable for hantaran (engagement gift in Malay tradition) or wedding cupcakes. My sister-in-law agreed with me when I showed her the creation. She's a Malay, he he...

Another design without little ribbon. They're now displayed at my friend's store -- The Designer Store~Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya. You may pay a visit and have a look at them "in flesh" -:).

08 December 2009

My Heart, My Love

Lovey bear is getting more popular. Not only they sit on little cuppies but now heart shaped mini cake, yay!

The cake is chocolate flavoured and covered with rolled fondant. The client asked for a pair of Loveys as cake topper and I added pink blossoms in front of the bears, indicating their love is blooming all the way......

So glad that my first heart shaped cake came out well, not out of shape, hehe...and covered up smoothly with fondant. Hopefully this love themed mini cake manages to deliver its message of love to the recipient.

So sorry about the picture quality as it was taken with phone camera. My brother's camera battery was flat and my digital camera had spoilt......*sob*

Don't worry, I will get a DSLR in January, please bear with me at the moment...thanks...

03 December 2009

Surprised And Touched......

When I first started Mom And Daughter Cakes, I was quite hesitate if I should provide delivery service as I had a day job and cake decorating was just my part time business.

But to date, I'm 100% certain that I should do it.

The reasons are it's a way to fulfill the need of our clients and it's also a mean of appreciation to those who love our cakes. I am very much inspired by the clients, one of them is Azlinda, my very first client from down South.
Last Sunday, I was commissioned a set of cupcakes by Azlinda from Johor. This lovely lady wanted me to send the cakes to her loved one, Fazlin at Butterworth. I checked my schedule, oh well, it's Sunday, I could do it though I had another set of cupcakes to be delivered to Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya.

I said 'yes' to her and I thought she must be very eager to see the response of her special one when he received the cakes. It would be a surprised birthday gift! I thought I should take the picture of Fazlin with the cakes and sent her right after.

When I told her about it, she was so happy!

I kept my promise and managed to capture that special moment at Fazlin's home. He was really nice and posed naturally in front of the camera, look at the pictures, how happy and funny he is, haha!

When my dad was driving me home, I sms Azlinda that the mission was accomplished, she immediately sent me the followings:

"Tq so much Amy.. Im so touched! That won't happen without u."

Hmm....Azlinda, me too...It's my pleasure to be the love messenger between you and your loved one, I'm deeply touched too to have a nice and warm client like you.

Azlinda expressed her thank again via Facebook and email. When I finished reading them, I teared......

She had really made my day! I'm more decisive now to venture into the field of decorative cakes fully.
Thanks Azlinda. Wish you'd be blessed with love 4ever......

24 November 2009

If 2012 Were The End Of The World......

Helping people to send message of love is indeed a pleasure for us. Mom and I love to take the role of cupids, *smile*

We've been doing quite a number of d'amour cupcakes (love themed), we have done bears (Lovey, MND Cakes signature bear), doggies, piggies, bunnies, penguins and now Nemos the fish......

We believe love is not granted. Love is a seed which needs continuoul watering to grow and bloom. Love needs to be appreciated, celebrated and cherished.

If 2012 were the end of the world, no worries, with love, we could transform into Nemos and live on happily! ^^

I love them so much that I couldn't stop snapping their pictures.

The sea shells. Mom helped to sculpt them. Not bad ya...

Woo...wish all of us swim together with our loved ones in the sea of love, forever~

22 November 2009

Tom And Jerry: Good Luck To All SPM Candidates

Do you still remember the time you took SPM (Malaysian School National Exam)? I was like most students, burning the midnight oil weeks before SPM, a last minute doer, terrible. However, I enjoyed the time as we got to skip class and stayed at home with a good excuse-:).

It's SPM season again, I was commissioned to make this set of cupcakes for a young man who was going to take his exam. Tom and Jerry is the design theme. How exciting and funny! I enjoyed very much making them. I took 30 minutes to sculpt Tom but more than 1 hour for Jerry! Can you imagine it?

See, how mischievous Jerry is! I've started to love Tom more than Jerry since then, hehe......

With this lovely set of cupcakes, yeah, they're cupcakes, not cake, I shall take this opportunity to wish all SPM candidates: Good Luck!!!

Tip Of The Day:

To eat a fondant cupcake, simply put into your mouth! If you don't have a sweet tooth, remove the topper and just eat the cake. You may keep the topper at cool, dry place (preferably air-conditioned) for a long time.

17 November 2009

Mashimaro - The Fat Rabbit

I knew about Mashimaro only after Mc D offered the soft toy gift a few years ago. The fat rabbit (in Korean it means weird rabbit) is so adorable that it has won many youngsters hearts, including myself... (I'm always young, at heart mah...).

Personally I'm a Mashimaro fan, -:) though it's not my no.1 favourite cartoon character. (No.1 is My Melody, the friend of Hello Kitty, not Hello Kitty herself.....). When I was asked to create a pair of Mashitmaro, I was quite excited and more than happy to cheer up the lovely young couple with my cake arts.

When I saw her smile as the cupcakes were presented to her, I was so...happy. She quickly snapped pictures of the cupcakes when I got into the house to get some candles for them.

One of their ears dropped when I showed them the way to arrange the cupcakes. They're quite 'fragile' as the fondant was rolled out thinly and stuck at its tip to make the ears looked more realistic and lively. It's simple to fix the problem anyway, here it is......

Tip Of The Day:

Use water to fix any fall apart part on fondant figurine. Just brush the spot with water and stick it back.

Simple, right? So, no worries about earless Mashimaro, the ear grows back instantly -:).

06 November 2009

Just For Her

She loves shopping, with a pair of slippers......walking up and down, scouting for nothing but just a glimpse of every fanciful windows......

Sounds like somebody? But, it's slightly different. As she prefers slippers to fashionable heels.

Handbag is a must. Not a branded one anyway.
Always wih a fashionable hat. Oh yes, she's a Japanese.

29 October 2009

Wedding Cupcakes - Calla Lily, Four Leaves Clover & Pink Rose

It's been a trend to have wedding tiered cupcakes besides wedding cake during a wedding ceremony. On constraint wedding budget, it's indeed a smart alternative as they could be an elegant presentation with beautiful arrangement.

Recently I've created some wedding cupcakes for window display. People like simple creation nowadays, especially for wedding cake and cupcakes, white and beige are 2 major themed colours.

A small heart, little rose or monogram design is preferred as wedding cupcake topper.

Personally I love four leave clover and calla lily besides pink rose, so I just design something I love to share with you, hopefully you would love them too.

Four leaves clover which is believed to bring good luck to its finder. What about its cake topper eater? Hehehe......

This is calla lily, love its pureness......

23 October 2009

Lovey Bears Party

The bears party begins....they're called Lovey Bears, characterized by orange hearts on their chests.

Here's the Reading Lovey who doesn't like to read but loves day-dreaming.

Lollipop Lovey, oh can you give me one of your lollipops?

What else should be owned by Cupcake Lovey, if not a cupcake?

Burger Lovey loves big Mac with more greens and cheese......

Love is in the air! Hehe...how sweet she is.

Oh, balloons, every kid's dream is in the balloon, please give me a ride to the sky!
The creation of Lovey bears is indeed a trip down memory lane to Amy or perhaps she has never grown up. :)


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